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deya 來自台灣的品牌,用純粹「袋子」的台語 deya 命名。
我們創造出台灣黑熊為 deya 吉祥物,連結原生、自然保育概念,並期望從這土地出發,做在地的世界品牌。


deya, a brand born in Taiwan, “deya”is the local pronunciation of Bag in Taiwanese dialect.
deya bear bag is connecting Taiwan culture creative and Formosan Black bear protection,conservation concepts and
expectations fromthis land starting to do in the world of brands.

We always offer best quality materials and superb technology, No complicated thoughts, deya just bring simple, lifestyle, fashion design bags to collocate with your dressing. Refinedfeel and youthful design, and staggered out of the spark, extending with “trend”, “travel”,”culture” style series, into the creative design of humanity, endowed with a stylish new look.